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May 2015
Senior Cat Health Checks

We are offering free of charge health checks throughout May and June for cats of 8 years of age or older. Health problems in senior cats like arthritis, diabetes and hyperthyroidism are quite common and may not be immediately obvious. Please contact the surgery to make an appointment if you would like to bring your cat in for a check up. More good information about older cats can be found on the International Cat Care website at

April 2014
'Free Microchipping Through Vets' for Dogs

We are currently taking part in a national campaign to encourage microchipping of dogs and will be offering free chip implantation and registration of dogs from April 1st 2014 to 31st March 2015.

Free Microchipping Through Vets for Dogs

The campaign has been organised by The Dogs' Trust. The charity will supply microchips and veterinary practices across the country have been asked to volunteer their services to ensure as many dogs as possible get chipped and benefit from this initiative.

Microchipping of dogs is set to become a legal requirement in England in April 2016 and this campaign aims to try and ensure a high level of microchipping prior to that time.

Microchips are implanted under the skin at the back of the neck by a simple injection technique. The chip contains a unique 'barcode' that can be read using a special  scanner. Following implantation the dog and owner details are registered on a national computer database helping to ensure any lost dog can be rapidly reunited with its owner. The Dogs' Trust believe 'microchipping is the single most effective way to get a dog returned to its owner.'

We are very pleased to be working in conjunction with the Dog's Trust as part of this great initiative. Stray dogs get brought into our practice on a regular basis and we are always delighted when we discover a microchip as we can then rapidly get the dog back to its owner. Free microchipping clinics will be run by our veterinary nurses on Tuesday and |Wednesdays from 3.30-4.30pm and on Fridays from 1-2pm. Please contactth surgery if you wish to take advanatge of this  offer.

More information about the Dogs' Trust campaign can be found at their event website

November 2012
A buzzard was brought into the surgery in late November with an obstruction in its throat. The obstruction could be felt as a boney mass in the buzzard’s crop. It was so firmly lodged that there was little chance of it moving through the crop naturally so it was decided to remove the bone surgically. The buzzard was given a short general anaesthetic using a gas anaesthetic. The bone was then removed from the crop through a small incision. It turned out to be part of a chicken’s spine. Following the anaesthetic the buzzard made a full recovery.

The buzzard is anaesthetised via a gas mask A small hole is made into the crop to remove the bone
The buzzard is anaesthetised via a gas mask A small hole is made into the crop to remove the bone
The offending article! Conscious again and looking for food
The offending article! Conscious again and looking for food

September 2012
Eunice celebrates 50 years with the practice

Jimmy Frame and Eunice celebrating 50 years with the practiceIn 1962 Eunice Glasby joined the practice. Although she started work as a receptionist it rapidly became apparent that her job entailed reception work, nursing, practice management, accounting and other aspects of life involved with a rural veterinary practice in the 1960s. Eunice has seen the practice move from premises in Angel Lane (see the History section on our home page) to Brunswick Square and finally to our current location at The Veterinary Centre. During this time there have been countless changes to veterinary work and how the practice is run and managed during this time but Eunice has taken them all in her stride. Eunice is a friendly and familiar face to all who have visited Frame, Swift and Partners over the past five decades.

To have worked for fifty continuous years in the same practice is a truly remarkable achievement. Thank you Eunice for your stamina and energy! Here’s looking forward to the next fifty!!